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Volunteers needed...Want to help?

Our volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds, with interests and talents in a variety of areas. Some prefer to do research; putting all the puzzle pieces of the past, together. Others enjoy meeting visitors and showing them around. Some use their clerical skills to track statistics or help with data entry, while others use their artistic talents when designing a new display. But the thing that brings us all together is our love of history and our connections to Oakdale.

There are many things that go into the business of running a museum, the most important of which, is staffing. We make our best attempts to be flexible with scheduling, recognizing that there is life outside of the museum. If you're looking for something to do that's interesting, engaging, challenging and keeps those mental juices flowing, why not consider joining us? It's easier than you think. Come by for a visit, give us a call or drop us a line on the Contact Page.

​What we do....

Who we are....

Friends of Oakdale Heritage (FOH) is an all volunteer, non profit group organized in 2009, to operate and maintain the Oakdale Museum. Through purposeful work and dedication, we now own the Oakdale Museum & History Center building, collection and associated properties. We receive no operational funding from any governmental agency. Our sole support comes from internal sources, special events, fund raisers and donations. Our doors are kept open by the support of citizens and businesses who provide annual membership dues, memorial donations, and in-kind gifts.

Clarice Partridge & Ann Canen are volunteers who find creative ways to describe "off-white, ecru and/or beige, floral lace".

Friends dropped by for a visit and a bit of reminiscing. Just a typical afternoon at the Oakdale Museum.

501(c)3 Non Profit & CA Corporation

Ardyce (Kellas) Boyd

 Volunteer & Archival Research

Congratulations to Friends of Oakdale Heritage for your hard work and dedication to preserving Oakdale's past.

 Our Mission.... 

Preserve, protect and promote the history of the Oakdale area, including memorabilia of the past, for the enrichment and education of the area residents.”

Friends of Oakdale Heritage

Established 1985